Fully automatic filter that performs pressure filtration automatically --> removal of filtrate by air --> discharge of cake.


  • Use of a filter paper roll that saves the work needed to wash clogged paper and take out dewatered cake.
  • Horizontal filtration surface that stabilizes filtration accuracy and ensures a uniform thickness of cake on the paper, thereby enabling efficient dewatering.
  • Automatic take-up of the preset amount of used filter paper at a time to renew the filtration surface achieves the highest filtration capacity.
  • Filtration accuracy from 2 microns is available.
  • Very easy to install as each EXCELER FILTER comes equipped with the necessary devices and a control panel.


  1. 1.Automatic operation start
  2. 2.Filtration process
  3. 3.Dewatering process
  4. 4.Cake removal process
Automatic operation start1.Automatic operation start
When the AUTO RUN button is pressed on, the air cylinder moves the bottom lid up to form a filter chamber.
At the same time, both the top and bottom lids are firmly sealed with a particular formed packing bonded to the top lid.
After complete sealing is confirmed, the next filtration process begins.
Filtration process2.Filtration process
The automatic liquid supply valve opens and the filtration pump starts simultaneously.
Raw liquid from the filtration pump enters the filter chamber for filtration by the filter paper there.
During filtration, the filter paper captures all solid contents in the raw liquid as deposited on the paper. This deposition reduces the flow rate and increases pressure in the filter chamber.
The filtration process ends at activation of the filtration timer or at the detection of upper-limit pressure.
Dewatering process3.Dewatering process
When the filtration pump stops, the automatic liquid supply valve closes and the automatic dewatering valve opens.
Compressed air is jetted into the filter chamber to expel any residual liquid with its pressure.
Activation of the dewatering timer or detection of the lower-limit pressure confirms that no residual liquid is left in the filter chamber.
The automatic dewatering valve closes and the dewatering process ends.
The air cylinder then pulls the bottom lid down to open the filter chamber.
Cake removal process4.Cake removal process
When the filter chamber is confirmed as being open, the paper feed motor runs to take up filter paper by the length used for filtration.
The dewatered cake on the filter paper is removed by flipping the filter paper and using a scraper to deposit the cake in a cake box.
At the end of paper take-up and cake removal, the EXCELER FILTER returns to the first process and automatically repeats the series of filtration processes.


  • Chemical industries…
    Clarification and filtration of various kinds of process liquid, and the recovery of filtration cake.
  • Machine industries…
    Various kinds of coolant liquid.
  • Paint industries…
    Removal of sludge from chemical coating process liquid in the pre-paint surface preparation process and the treatment of paint booth liquid.
  • Wastewater treatment…
    Batch filtration and filtration of concentrated liquid.
  • Food and pharmaceutical industries…
    Various kinds of extracts, vegetable oil extracts, and liquid containing activated carbon.


(□Part Material symbol)
Filtration area(m2) Inlet and outlet bores A(㎜) B(㎜) H(㎜)
EFC-10 □ 0.1 25A 1100 1100 1700
EFC-20 □ 0.2 40A 1260 1140 1850
EFC-40 □ 0.4 40A 1380 1340 2150
2EFC-40 □ 0.8 50A 1380 2250 2150

1) The filtration capacity is not shown here as it depends on the liquid specifications.
2) The required compressed air is 0.45 MPa minimum and 0.2~0.4Nm3/min. (ANR).
3) The maximum working pressure is 0.2 MPa.

Material symbol (□Part) L F S
Filter chamber SS400+
Lining with hard rubber
SS400 SUS304
Other(Piping etc...) SUS304 SS400 SUS304


  1. Removal of sludge from chemical coating process liquid in the pre-paint surface preparation process
  2. Treatment of semiconductor board polishing wastewater
  3. Removal of activated carbon in the vegetable oil extraction process