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TYPE-LF Cartridge filter

LF型カートリッジフィルターThis popular filter equipment uses a spool type or pleated sheet type of filter medium housed in a cartridge. When using spring sealing, the filter cartridge can be easily mounted or replaced in a single operation. These filter cartridges are suited for the filtration of liquid containing relatively fewer SS components (solid substances in liquid) and widely used as precision filters, product finish check filters, line filters, and pre-filters for UF and RO film processes. Available spool-type cartridges are 250 mm, 500 mm, and 750 mm in length, and 0.5 μm to 100 μm in filtration accuracy. The cartridges are made of polypropylene and cotton materials. You can select optimum cartridges for your needs in any combination of these lengths, filtration accuracy, and materials. Our largest filter equipment can mount 246 cartridges (each 250 mm long) at a time.

TYPE-DF Precoat type vacuum drum filter

DF型プレコート式真空ドラムフィルターThis dewatering machine is widely used not only for the treatment of wastewater but also for the treatment of metal hydroxides and various types of slurry that are hard on filters. This machine forms a thick precoat layer of D.E. powder on the surface of a slowly revolving drum, and then suction filters any slurry on this precoated surface. The filtration cake deposited on the precoated surface is dewatered and scraped by a scraper, as the drum revolves. Consequently, the pre-coated drum surface is refreshed each time the drum makes one revolution. This machine can run 8 to 10 hours without stopping, and its filtration capability rarely changes. This machine is classified into two types: the Unit type that builds this machine and all attachments on a common base, and the Separate type for large-scale systems that can be freely laid out according to the installation space.

TYPE-PW Paper washer

PW型ペーパー洗浄装置This washer washes the filter paper used for filtration by the EXCELER FILTER with high-pressure water to remove deposits on the filter surface, thereby enabling the recycling of filter paper. The used filter paper taken up by the EXCELER FILTER can be directly mounted on the washer, and filter paper washed by the washer can be directly mounted on the EXCELER FILTER. This equipment can drastically reduce its running cost. This washer is particularly effective for the reproduction of hard-to-wet paper and oil-free paper.